Eureka/Beam BM1393 Central Vacuum Powerhead

Beam/Eureka. The same powerhead they have made for the last 20 years. Beam has been buying the BM1393 powerhead from Eureka for years and reabranding it with their name. Beam calls it the Rugmaster, but several companies offer it as well. Beam does not allow Internet sales of the their products including the Rugmaster, but Eureka does. So if you need to replace your Rugmaster with exact replacement at a fraction of the cost this is for you.


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For those wanting a replacement for their Beam Rugmaster powerhead we have the Eureka version.  It is made by Beam but is not limited by their Internet policy. This is the exact same powerhead that has been made by Beam/Eureka for almost 20 years.  Important to note the wands that come with this head work with the new style hose shown in video.  However your old wands will match up to the new head as well.  They reversed engineered it so this head will work on all old Rugmaster hose sets.

  • Measures 13 inches wide and has a steel roller brush for a long service life.
  • The headlight runs the length of the power brush and lights the way brilliantly as you clean.
  • Self adjusting to any carpet height that goes to bare floors easily.
  • Has a small window to monitor the belt condition as it moves.
  • Has a self-cleaning roller brush that has sealed bearings that are isolated so dirt and lint will not impede it’s performance or collect any hair.
  • One set of 2 snap together metal wands for gas pump style hoses included.


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