12 ft Universal Low Voltage Hose Extension

Extends any brand central vac low voltage hose an additional 12 ft. Can even work on electric hoses.


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A universal 12 ft hose extension that will extend your existing low voltage hose an additional 12 foot. Fits all 1.5 inch diameter outlets. Which means all low voltage units installed in the last 35 years, and 90% of all systems installed before that.

This hose extension does exactly as it says it does.  It will extend your existing low voltage hose an additional 12 ft.  Your hose plugs directly into one end of the 12 ft hose and the other plugs directly into your existing wall outlet.  If your hose automatically turns on when plugged into the wall then this will as well, or if you have an on/off switch on your handle our 12 ft extension will allow you to continue operating it that way.  Either way you are covered, in fact this will also work with electrical hoses that have a pig tail type connection..  You will have to makes sure that you have an electrical outlet accessible because your cord will now be 12 ft away from the end of the hose. However most pig tail cords are 8 ft long, so most homes should have enough electrical outlets to accommodate this. Check to see if your application will support this as each house is different.


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