HooverTM Carpet Sweepers

  • 13.5 amp 3 stage motor with 456 air watts by HooverTM
    • 3 times the suction of conventional carpet sweepers
    • Maintain sweeper suction throughout your home
    • HooverTM motor is located outside the living area for quieter sweeper operation
    • Sweeper tank holds 9 gallons no sweeper bag changes!
  • HooverTMcarpet sweepers come with a versatile 30 foot hose for reaching up to 700 sq feet per outlet.
    • Easy to use and lightweight
  • HooverTMbuilt in sweepers come with installation kits for easy carpet sweeper installation.
    • Our built in carpet sweepers come with all the tools you need to install your built in carpet sweeper
    • A step-by-step easy to follow video walks you through installing your HooverTM sweepers.
  • Multiple HooverTMsweeper attachments
    • Wood floor sweeper ensures your wood floors are protected
    • Upholstery sweeper for conveniently cleaning furniture
    • Blinds sweeper dusts as it cleans!
  • HooverTMsweepers have a variety of additional accessories available
    • The HooverTM garage attachment turns carpet sweepers into a car vac! This accessory comes with 30-foot hose, dusting Brush, upholstery Nozzle, crevice Tool, and hose Storage
    • The HooverTM Pan Vac makes sweeping on hard kitchen floors a breeze. No need for bending, trash cans or messy dust pans. Any broom and the Pan Vac attachment makes sweeping trouble free!

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