Central Vacuum Installation Video

Central vacuum installation is Easy and Inexpensive. We have developed an easy-to-follow-installation video for installing your central vacuums. Our video shows you step by step the procedure for installing a central vacuum system. Central vacuums can be installed in new construction or existing home. Our central vacuum installation video gives you step by step instructions on how to install central vacuums from the planning phase to the finishing phases.

Planning for central vacuums:

  • Timing is essential. Central vacuums should be installed when the home is under roof but before drywall.
  • Central vacuums require careful planning for inlet placement, vacuum tubing and power units

Preparation of central vacuum kit components:

  • Measuring and preparing for inlet placement and vacuum tubing lengths
  • Attaching central vacuum inlets and connecting vacuum pipe
  • Central vacuums come with 2 types of electric power sources – choosing the best one

Connecting and installing vacuum pipes:

  • Our video shows you the tools you need and how to install the tubing and connectors for central vacuums
  • Step by step instructions on Installing and connecting electrical power for your central vacuums

Finally, our video shows you how to test your system to ensure you get the best power for your central vacuums.

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