What you should know about Built-in Vacuum Cleaner Systems


Airflow / “CFM” (Cubic Feet Per Minute) – volume of air the motor is capable of moving. The more airflow/CFM a unit has the more air movement is generated increasing the sweeping power. Airflow works in conjunction with “Suction” but is less of a factor in determining the performance of built-in vacuum systems.

Suction or Waterlift – measures the suction strength of a built-in vacuum cleaner motor. This measurement is taken at point where the suction is at its greatest. It is the pull power that maintains the airflow of the built-in vacuum cleaner. This action creates the velocity of air that provides the pulling and sweeping action of built-in vacuum systems.

Air Watts – Airwatts are calculated as follows:

Airwatts = (Airflow * Suction)/8.5

Airflow is effected by length of hose, types of attachments and other factors. Depending on where this is measured, this number will change. The suction value does not change and thus is a crucial factor in determining vacuum performance.

What you need to consider before buying Built-in Vacuum Cleaner Systems When choosing your built-in vacuum cleaner, it is important to first consider the following:


  1. How large is your home?
  2. Do you have pets and/or children?
  3. How much and what type of carpeting do you have? (Thick knap or low knap)
  4. Do you have mostly carpeting or hardwood/ceramic flooring?


If your home is a considerable size, you may consider two separate built-in vacuum cleaner systems. But for most homes under 8,000 sq ft the best unit we carry is our own brand Vacu Central 200.  Its has the most suction of any central vacuum we sell and is by far our best value. If your house is under 3,500 sq ft we also build a version with a slightly smaller motor Vacu Central 100

Both are built to our own specifications and by being the manufacturer we can pass the savings onto you.

If you have hard wood floors, tile or other hard surfaces, you may want to consider our Vac Pan Kit or our Deluxe Air Driven Hose Set

Whatever your needs, Central Vac Central will assist you in finding the best built-in vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Air watts, sealed suction, are you still confused?  Then check out our updated FAQ page.  The most important thing is to make sure that the central vacuum canister is rated for the sq footage of your house.  Call us if you have any questions.

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