Beam Central Vacuum for the Home

A beam central vacuum system is a unique appliance that has built-in features and can be installed easily in one’s home. It is quite different from the portable or movable vacuum system where you will have to carry the whole set of it. With the central vacuum cleaner, all you need to do is to connect the hoses to the tubings. Once you have connected them successfully, every dirt particles at your home will be removed.

Compared to portable vacuum cleaners where you have to look for electrical outlets with the central vacuum, the power unit of a beam central vacuum is permanent and much convenient. You will just carry a lightweight hose and power brush around the house or buildings.  In some instances, there are switches that are installed in the handle of power hoses. It is convenient and can easily clean the whole area of your house without worrying from any damage.

Benefits of Beam Vacuum Cleaner

  • NOISE FREE- Since the power unit is installed in a utility room, noise is minimized and won’t give you any worries about noisy operation.
  • TIME SAVER – throwing dirt bags can be time consuming, but with a beam central vacuum, this will help you save your time. Unlike in the portable cleaner, you will not worry if the filter bag is already full.
  • DURABILITY- The equipment is durable. But, oftentimes, it depends on the quality and brand of the product. Some of these units have a lifetime warranty and will allow you to save money. Most companies also offer a free installment of it in house or buildings. Or, if you want to practice your DIY skills, you can just follow the instructions provided.
  • HEALTHIER HOME- it provides a clean room and at the same time it can transform your room into a healthier one.
  • CONVENIENT- it is lightweight and can easily clean your room.