Wessel-Werk Villa Collection Central Vacuum Hose Set(Shipping Included)$319

The Villa Collection includes the following components: Plastiflex or Hanmi Crushproof 30ft Pig Tail Gas Pump Handle Hose Telescopic Wand with Integrated Wiring 13" Hard ...

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Electrolux PU3650 Tank(Shipping Included US)$529

(Free Shipping in US)$529!!  Electrolux has been a leader in central vacuums, as well as all appliances for years.  This is their biggest selling and ...

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Electrolux PU3900 Central Vacuum Tank(Shipping Included US)$959

Electrolux has been a leader in central vacuums, as well as all appliances for years.  This is their most powerful and quietest tank they make.  ...

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Hoover SH80005CA Complete Central Vacuum Kit Tank, Hose Set, Pipe, etc(Shipping Included)$579

Features: Powerful suction – 537 W Motor: 1.3 - 2.2 HP based on amp drawn Designed for homes up to 3,500 sq ft 114 in. waterlift or sealed suction WindTunnel™ ...

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Eureka/Beam BM1393 Central Vacuum Powerhead(Shipping Included)$159

For those wanting a replacement for their Beam Rugmaster powerhead we have the Eureka version.  It is made by Beam but is not limited by ...

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Wessl-Werk EBK340 Central Vacuum Powerhead(Shipping Included)$219

Wessel-Werks best and longest selling powerhead with telescopic wand. Will work on all new gas pump style hoses. LED headlight burns brighter and longer with less ...

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Dust Care Majestic electric hose set (Pig Tail)(Shipping Included)

The Majestic central vacuum electric powerhead and hose set gives you a deluxe powerteam at a economical price. This head features a dual brush, metal ...

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The Best Central Vacuum Equipment!!

We at CentralVacCentral.com have been involved in almost every aspect of the central vacuum industry since starting with Hoover in 1965.  We have worked on, and installed almost every brand imaginable in that time.  In doing so we have learned which  brands and models to trust and which ones to avoid.

If we offer it?  It is because we have used it and liked it in the field. While some companies offer every brand and model they can, we offer only the ones that have proven themselves to be quality products. So whether you need a replacement powerhead, hose set, or  tank, give us a call and we will get you what you need.

Below is a short list of our most asked about products, but by no means everything we offer.  We like to keep it simple, so instead of offering 50 different hoses, we offer a few that can be used on multiple brands.  The same with our tanks and hose sets. Residential and commercial central vacuum systems are becoming more and more universal, and it is no longer necessary to be locked into 1 specific brand if another brand will work just as well.  Or in most cases our product will actually work better, and at a fraction of the cost than from your local central vac dealer.  This is where our years in the industry can help you weed through the undesirable brands and get you something that will last. So call us today for a free consultation (479)750-2528.